Year : 2019 Language : English Genre : Drama, History Filmmaking is a tough art and making a historical drama is not a piece of cake. Many factors have to be taken into consideration starting from the dialect to authenticity of the story. So just like science fiction films, historical films cannot convince people easily. … Continue reading THE KING


Year : 2019 Language : Malayalam, Hindi Genre : Crime, Drama 2019 has been a great year for Indian Cinema with Jallikattu and Super Deluxe being one of the best this year, soon to be followed by Moothon. The film got its publicity when it was considered for Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). This is … Continue reading MOOTHON


Year : 2019 Language : Tamil Genre : Action, Thriller Shot at night, no heroine and no songs – This was the announcement Kaithi brought in when the project started. Coming from Kollywood, where most films have heroines lazily written and unwanted songs to celebrate a moment in the film. So when a film proclaims … Continue reading KAITHI


Year : 2019 Language : Malayalam Genre : Drama,Thriller What is Cinema? Cinema is a reflection of society – not where society presently is but also where society has been. It’s a medium of storytelling and can be referred to as a universal teacher. It is considered the 7th art form. LJP is one of … Continue reading JALLIKATTU


Year : 2019 Language : English Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller When WB announced a Joker film, I was sceptical about having a standalone antihero film with no prior relation to The DCEU world. I just couldn’t understand what it was going to offer. A Joker film is tough to be directed as it does … Continue reading JOKER